Trim PowerPCB Lib.

When a company through many years have been using PowerPCB, very often various designers have been using different layers, linewidths and aperturetabels. Going through every decal in every library is a timeconsuming and errorprone task.

Main Advantages

  • Decal-outlines adjusted to same width and layer and can be fitted to the aperturetable. Texts can be fitted to aperturetable.
  • Pad-sizes adjusted to aperturetable. This function can be used to convert libraries from mils to mm or vice-versa. It can be ensured that all annular-rings have a defined minumumsize.
  • You can introduce solder- and pastemasks on all parts - also fitted to the aperturetable.
  • Decal-labels can be adjusted, so that they all have the same size and appear on the same layer. Text-width can be fitted to aperturetable. Drillsizes can be adjusted to a specified resolution. Ex. 0.1mm. (Usefull for mil to mm conversion).
  • Parttype-attributes can be added, changed or removed to/from one or more parttypes in a library.

Trim PowerPCB Lib.See the brochure: Trim PowerPCB Lib.

Download demo-version from the download sektion

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