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PowerPCB Netlist Wizard reads nets- and partlists in many formats and saves in PowerPCB formats to be readable from PowerPCB. Once the parts and nets are read into this program, you can make the nessesery changes and checks, before importing into PowerPCB.

Main advantages

  • Apart from reading and saving .asc-files, you can import net- and partslists in many other formats: Calay, Computervision, EDIF-filer med designrules, EE-Designer, IPL, Mentor Boardstation, OrCAD (onl), Tango, ViewLogic. New formats are added when userneeds arise.
  • You can perform automatic checks to verify that the data complies with the version of PowerPCB, you are working with. Errors and warnings are highlighted in colours in the lists.
  • You can manually change net- and partslists.
  • Various batch-functioner to i.e. change all parttypes with a specified value.
  • Batch-function can be saved in a database and applied later, when you recieve a new net- and partlist for the same job.
  • Automatic importing the partlist from an earlier version of the job.
  • Configure the screen and add columns with attributes.
  • Generate userdefined reports like CSV-files for import in other systems. - and numerous other facilities and functions.

Trim PowerPCB Lib.See the brochure: PowerPCB Netlist Wizard

Download demo-version from the download section

Netlist Wizard | Screenshot

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