– inklusiv high-speed digital og RF

Lynnerup ECAD is your external PCB-layout department

We have specialized in PCB-layout and produces layouts of all kinds of PCBs and flexfoils. Since we every day are involved in PCB-layout, we are able to obtain the best skills and tools and keep our systems fully updated. This ensures our customers the fastest layout completion, still fulfilling all designrules and other designwhishes.

We use the following tools:

PCB layout: Mentor Graphics PADS and Cadence Allegro
High-speed digital simulering og verifikation: Mentor Graphics HyperLynx

Lynnerup Ecad ApS · Veggerbyvej 34 · DK-9541 Suldrup · Telefon +45 98 37 87 77 · Fax +45 98 37 87 60 · Email mail@lynnerup-ecad.dk